The Arab

Arabs are the most beautiful horses. They have small, slightly dished andThe arab elegant heads, high head and tail carriage and a lovely springy movement. They snort and prance and show off their beautiful bodies to all who wish to watch.

This photo to me is a typical Arab, with his beautiful flowing mane and tail.

Arabs have wide foreheads, big eyes and nostrils but small muzzles, giving their faces a wedge-shape. Many also have an unusual and distinctive bulge between their eyes. This is thought to have been to give extra sinus capacity to help the horse in its native dry desert conditions.

The Arab is one of the world’s oldest breeds and the English thoroughbred owes much of its grace and strength to Arab lines. In fact almost every modern breed of riding horse has some Arab blood.

As is evident from its name, the breed originates from the Arabian Peninsula and apparently there is evidence that horses resembling the modern Arab were around 4,500 years ago.

I think most riders either love or dislike Arabs (hate would be far too strong a word). They are a narrow horse and ride with a high head carriage that doesn’t suit everyone.  But those who have had an Arab and love it often won’t consider any other breed.

Around the world Arabs are raced and there are special races for them in the UK. They’re not as fast as thoroughbreds of course, but they’re still pretty speedy. And they have great stamina so make good endurance horses.

The Anglo Arab is a cross between Arab and Thoroughbred and that is another very attractive horse which takes some of the characteristics of each breed.

Bayside was 25% Arab and this brought a special beauty to her. You could definitely see the Arab influence in her face. I miss her.