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June 2, 2008
Pinole Valley High School News
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PVHS Class of 2010
PVHS Small Learning Academies


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Quote of the Day

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of 
a second-rate version of somebody else." ~ Judy 

Parents - Our staff appreciation lunch is this Friday, 
June 6.  If you can donate drinks, a fruit tray or a 
dessert, please contact Tammy  Campbell at 
Tammera.Campbell at or 



NCS Athletes

Congratulations goes out to Joseph Pangelina 
(9th grader) for making it to the NCS golf playoffs!

PVHS had four swimmers make it to NCS this year.  
Congratulations goes out to William Mancuso, 
Woo, Danny Lu, and Damien Grace.  Way 
to go boys.

Congratulations goes out to the PVHS Varsity 
Baseball team for making it to NCS playoffs this 
Though they did not win against Alameda high, they 
battled for eight innings and proved themselves a 
worthy opponent.  Good jobs boys!

NCS Coach of the Year

Coach Jim Ulversoy has been honored as NCS coach 
of the year for his continued support to the water polo 
and swim teams at Pinole Valley High.  We are very 
lucky to have such a dedicated coach!


PVHS Class of 2010

Students of the Class of 2010 are trying to raise class 
funds for their upcoming junior year.  They are a wee 
tad behind and need money for their junior prom.  
They have 
voluntered to run a refreshment booth for the 2008 
graduation ceremonies.  If parents could possibly 
donate a case of water to the cause the students 
would be grateful.  We are looking for at least 20 
cases of water for Saturday, June 14.  If you can 
donate please contact Trish Sanchez at 758-0634.



The fourth and final GATE meeting will be at 7 p.m. 
Tuesday 6/3/08 in the PVHS 
library.  We'll find out how GATE funds were spent this 
year, review a list of 
new DVDs and other materials now available for 
teachers, and make plans for next 

Stewart and Pinole Middle School Parents:  if you 
would like to find out about 
Pinole Valley High School's very active GATE program, 
please plan to attend this 
meeting.  For more information, contact GATE Chair 
Melissa McMillion at 
mc-million at  You can also contact PVHS 
Assistant Principal David 
Luongo at 510/758-4664 ext. 2717 or 
DLuongo at


PVHS Small Learning Academies

Environmental Studies Academy

The Environmental Studies Academy (ESA) is looking 
for students to fill a second sophomore ESA class.  
The ESA fulfills the High School A-G requirements for 
U.C. and Cal State colleges, and supplies the 
students with a chance to complete their service 
learning credits.  ESA students have a high 
acceptance rate to four year schools.  The students 
also get to go on fun, educational study trips, including 
two week long camping trips.  So have your student 
join ESA!  If you have any further question see Dr. 
Wilson in room 213, or Ms. Ganick, and Mr. Harris in 
rooms 403 and 402, or their counselor.  You can also 
call the schools at 758-4664 and leave a message.

Law and Justice Academy

The law and justice academy is looking for interested 
students for next year.  If you are interested please 
contact Ms. Blades.  See article below for the type of 
learning opportunities that Ms. Blades provides her 

DUI trial teaches students real-life 

By Kim Wetzel of the West County Times

Three out of 10 Americans are involved in an alcohol-
related car accident in their lifetime, according to 
statistics, and young drivers are especially at risk.

Contra Costa Superior Court officials hope to change 
that by giving teens an up-close glimpse of the 
consequences of drinking and driving.

About 250 Pinole Valley High students spent Tuesday 
in the school's cafeteria watching a real-life driving-
under-the-influence case presided over by Superior 
Court Judge Steven Austin and argued by Senior 
Deputy District Attorney Dara Cashman and Public 
Defender Jack Funk.

The trial was one of four scheduled at high schools 
around the county this month as part of the "DUI Court 
in the Schools" program. Similar events have taken 
place at Olympic High in Concord and at Richmond 
High. Another will be held next week at Concord 

"This is a great opportunity to educate young people 
about both the consequences of driving under the 
influence of alcohol and the courtroom activities 
involved in a real trial," Austin said.

Tuesday's trial at Pinole gave students a taste of the 
TV show "Law and Order," complete with a judge, 
bailiff, court reporter, student advisory jury, witnesses 
and the defendant - 25-year-old Manesha Carter, 
who pleaded not guilty to one count of driving under 
the influence of alcohol and one count of driving with a 
blood-alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.08.

But instead of watching Hollywood's neat, hourlong 
version of the justice system, students from teacher 
Patricia Blades' law and justice class, as well as 
history and driver's education students, got a more 
realistic feel for how evidence is weighed in court.

"Everybody has a preconceived notion of what a trial is 
like from TV," said senior Lonnie Ross, member of the 
student jury. "This shows people how the court 
system works and how the jury works.".

Students heard testimony from two witnesses - 
California Highway Patrol Officer Brandon Pratt and 
forensic toxicologist Richard Bowden - who both 
described how alcohol impaired Carter's driving the 
night she was arrested and how alcohol affects the 
body in general. Through opening and closing 
statements and witness questioning, Cashman and 
Funk broke down the evidence..

A few students dozed during the three-hour event, but 
others appeared fascinated with the process, and the 
room was silent just before the verdict was read by the 
jury, which served on an advisory-only basis..

Made up of seven girls and five boys, the jury was 
hung after 20 minutes of deliberations; the judge 
found Carter guilty on both counts and deferred her 
sentencing to a later date. The typical punishment for 
DUI convictions is a fine, probation and alcohol 
classes, Austin said, but Carter's fine likely will be 
reduced for allowing her trial to be conducted in front 
of students..

The defendant, whose toddler daughter scampered 
about the room for part of the trial, said she deeply 
regretted making the decision to get behind the wheel 
after drinking. .

"I wouldn't do it again," Carter said when asked by a 
student how she would handle the situation again. "I 
could have hurt myself and put my child in danger. It's 
not worth it."


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