Bayside – Percheron, Thoroughbred and Arab

This blog, “Bayside, my favourite mare”, is in honour of the most lovely horse I ever owned. She was called Bayside and her sirePercheron race was an Anglo-Arab, out of a Percheron mare.

She was a beautiful girl, big, kind and easy-going. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of her following a fire at the flat where all my pictures were stored. So I’ve decided to write a blog and to find out more about the three breeds that made her so special.

Bayside was dapple grey, 16.3hh and 10 years old when I got her. We didn’t do anything special, just hacked around the Sussex countryside near Horsham and had some fun. We went on the odd sponsored ride and occasionally entered a small local show for a laugh, but mostly we just hung out together.

She was a safe horse and never made me fear for my life, like some I could mention! But she was still quite fast and had lots of stamina. I had her for 8 years until we lost her, and she left me with many fond memories.

It’s an unlikely mix – Percheron, Thoroughbred and Arab, but somehow it worked. So I’m going to learn much more about these breeds and their characteristics. And because I have a head like a sieve, I going to document everything I learn, so I can go back to it from time to time.