Fascinating facts about Horses

I came across this post about horsey facts and thought my readers might be interested.  I think I knew all of them, but I’m well aware that if you’re not a horse person you might find some of these interesting.

So here goes:

  • Horses can sleep whilst standing. They have a locking mechanism on their back legs to stop them falling over.  They sleep standing more than lying down, which they only do if they feel safe.
  • Horses are flight animals, so they run away when they’re frightened – unless they’re cornered or in a stable, in which case they might lash out.
  • Like most flight animals, they are able to run soon after birth – that’s for self-preservation to escape wolves!
  • Horses have 205 bones in their skeleton and an awful lot of muscles. I know because I had to learn them all for intermediate BHS exams! Not that I can recall them now ….
  • Horses normally live around 25-30 years, though ponies tend to live quite a bit longer
  • Horses have the biggest eyes of any land-dwelling animal. They are set on the side of their heads so they have a big angle of vision, though they can’t see things directly in front of them unless they’re several feet away. So when they jump, they can’t actually see the obstacle as they take off.
  • Horses gallop at around 25-30mph, though I’m sure this varies enormously with the type of horse, the length of his legs and his energy!
  • Apparently the world record speed for a horse is 55mph over a short distance. That’s pretty fast, would love to have been on board, but a fall at that speed would be nasty!
  • The world horse population is estimated at 60 million. That’s a lot of pooh!

I’ve quite enjoyed researching these facts, so look out for more in a later blog.

Meanwhile I must write more about the origins of the horse – it’s just that I’m too lazy to do the research lol